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Saturday, December 1, 2012

/The Scroll of Mirimar/ Character Profiles

For our first overview of some of the major characters in /The Scroll of Mirimar/, let's introduce Tey Knowlton, the primary protagonist and leader of the hardy band of adventurers at the center of the story.

Tey is a human warrior, the son of a horse trainer of some moderate renown in the eastern parts of Gleasi. He was brought up from a young age to help the family business in training and selling horses to area businesses and families, working with his father for several years in that endeavor. As a youngster, he was once thrown from a horse during a training session, flying face-first into a fence. The scar from this accident gives Tey a gruff, tough visage that belies the truly kind heart of an animal trainer. As part of their horse training and selling business, Tey and his father spent many weeks delivering expensive horses and equipment to various places all over the eastern kingdom, and were often the target of bandits and other opportunists. As a result, Tey was trained from an early age to lose bandits while being tracked, how to use missile weapons (short bow and spears in particular), and how to defend himself and his horses with several different melee weapons. Tey himself has become a master-level swordsman with a long sword, and combined with the massive strength he's developed over two decades of hard work, is capable of decapitating or dismembering opponents with his first swing.

Both fortunately, and not, Tey did not have a permanent home growing up; his home was the often-wild lands of eastern Gleasi, Mander, the Great Eastern Desert, and even into both Zinn and Tloi. One result of this is that he really had no childhood friends, but he learned very well how to defend himself and has struck up some very deep friendships with a few of the customers they delivered to over his years working with his father. One of them, Emker, adventures with him to this day.

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