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Friday, December 28, 2012

Plot Points for 28 December, 2012

Today's Plot Points concerns What's the Matter with Oliver?, and in particular one of the BattleMech pilots in the platoon, Edgar "Eagle" Jennsonn.

Edgar is a skinny, white, tall (6’ 2”, 190#) former professional v-baller recently conscripted into the Lyran military.

Former professional volleyball player for the Donegal City Sting on the planet Donegal, deep in Lyran space. Attended college on a volleyball scholarship but left after sophomore year to take a slot in the pro leagues. Played for two years before being conscripted and selected for the Lyran military, became a 'Mech pilot due to his very quick reflexes and ability to turn the initiative, learned from a long history of sports.

Grew up on Alma Alta, the son of Darius, a mid-level corporate manager for Lockheed-CBM Corp., and Adilade (née macTavish) Jennsonn, a housewife. Two sisters, no brothers, but one male cousin also conscripted into the Lyran Tank corps.

"Eagle" has just recently completed the Regiment's intake program, and the events in Oliver are his first combat action. He is not by nature violent, and has a tough time reconciling the realities of his job with his more compassionate nature. The competitive fire born of his lifelong sporting certainly helps him to cope, but being a combat pilot of a BattleMech is a mite bit different from stomping on them in a volleyball match.

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