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Friday, December 7, 2012

Scroll of Mirimar character profile

Yeolin Turch, bard

Yeolin is a recent addition to the party. He’s worked on and off as an entertainer, court jester, and musical performer. He adventured for a time when he first left home, and has since traveled very widely through all of the land. He is quite knowledgeable, having done extensive research and traveling, and he is adept at card games; so much so, in fact, that he sometimes has difficulty resisting a good card game. He is specialized in the short sword, and has done a remarkable job (for a rogue!) in both blind fighting and potion brewing, a skill he learned during a short apprenticeship as a researcher for a mage in the Long Lands. Yeolin is 30 years old.

Yeolin is extremely quick and smart, and in battle prefers to take a few seconds to size up the enemy; depending on the situation, he may use ranged attacks against enemy spellcasters or bow/spearmen, he may cast low-level magic spells, or he may attempt to hide in shadows, flank the enemy, and backstab opposing leaders or rear-line types (mages etc.). He has a wide knowledge of rogue weapons; in addition to the short sword he also has at least passing abilities in short bow, dagger, dart, throwing knife, staff, club, mace, blackjack, spear, javelin, morning star, and polearms (he’s a versatile man), but is an expert only in the short sword (that whole jack of all trades thing).

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