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Monday, August 29, 2016

Shooting star (quickmakeawish)

Just a new poem for your Monday Morning Meditation: "Shooting star (quickmakeawish)"

Shooting star (quickmakeawish)

—Bacil Donovan Warren

And there it goes, a shooting star,
All bright and burning fast
A comet fragment, travelled far—
And relic from the past.

One more streaks by and you point out
The flicker we watch fade,
It disappears, and then you pout;
Your gentle heart, betrayed.

I know that look, the one you wear
The gleaming in your eye,
Your broken soul is lying bare
And exposed to the sky.

You and the comet are alike
In many ways, you see:
A billion mile starlight hike
Has brought you both to me.

I stare into that dark beyond
And contemplate the two—
Two beauties, which a breaking spawned—
A light show; and, a you.

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