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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Patreon page!

After quite a lot of deliberation and consideration, I decided to launch a Patreon page ( ), both as a creative spur for me and as a benefit for fans, readers, and other writers and artisanal publishers.

The purpose of my Patreon will encompass a few things, chief among them:

  • To provide early access to my creative writing projects (novels, short stories, poetry, and others such as that)
  • Early access to many of my how-to, writing advice, writing tool, and review blog entries (from Scrivener to writing process, to editing and publishing, and others)
  • Exclusive access to some things, such as behind-the-scenes coverage of media events and other public functions
  • At certain tiers, early access consideration for beta reading new materials that I will publish
as well as others that I haven't quite figured out yet!

If you're so inclined, come join me on the ride … we'll learn, we'll laugh, and we'll shed a few tears. It'll be fun!

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