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Friday, March 11, 2016

New Poetry: "Again it starts, again it finishes"

Just in time for midnight local time, a new poem.

Again it starts, again it finishes

-- Bacil Donovan Warren

Terror grips
The mind that slips
Into self-hating doubt

A thought renewed
My every feud
Is within and without

Not only fear
Seizes me here
But something that I see

Into my view
Comes someone who
Outclasses every me

I can’t compete
With younger heat
I do not have the face

I can’t sustain
Familial gain
I don’t possess the grace

He swoops in now
I don’t know how
The better choice is clear

What I suspect
My life, a wreck
Away from me she’ll steer

And as it always has before, I lose another one
My heart reveals, another steals, and I am come undone.

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