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Monday, August 12, 2013

Update on Sasha the Shape Shifting Cat

Any of my blog readers who have been around for a bit will remember that earlier this year I'd tried to fund illustration and publishing costs for my children's book Sasha the Shape Shifting Cat through Kickstarter. While that was ultimately unsuccessful in being funded, I did note that I would continue to find other ways to get it illustrated and published.

I just received word from the awesome people at The Story Shack that they've accepted my story, and are going to pair me with an illustrator, as well as put up the resulting story on their website. While this does not involve any sales, payments, or publication in any of the traditional senses, what's most important at this time is the combination of illustration and marketing that this represents. After going through the process, I will have more information about when and where it will be available, and also possibly other publication avenues that may open as a result of this excellent opportunity.

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