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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Nineteen

Do not cast your eyes upon the fire burning there,
Eighteen and I have laid to rest among the towering pine.
Do not wait for us to come, we've been recalled elsewhere,
Heaven needs a hotshot crew to clear and cut a line.

Do not mourn too long for us, the job is not complete,
Fire rages, homes endangered, and we need more hands.
Our part is over now, yet do not admit defeat;
We have simply been recalled to protect Heaven's lands.

Work remains, and noble too; destruction yet to thwart;
Do not shed a bitter tear, nor hold a lasting grudge,
Our brothers dear, sisters too, will need moral support
To finish what we've started here, a line that won't budge.

After all the fire's out, and we've saved all that we can,
Remember proudly how we rushed to aid our fellow Man.

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